Have yaherd?


I’m deciding to compliment the RULE 4081 blog about music, tech revolutionary topics with the very day to day revolution of founding and running a start up. I am placing my actions where my mouth is and share the process of bringing an idea into fruition. This is a scary prospect but in the end I know at the very least it will demystify the process for those interested in pursuing it. And if I my startup is successful or if not, I can reflect, learn, grow and know where I was strong or needed to improve as an entrepreneur.

As an artist I understand the emotional and economic struggles of bringing a musical idea to the public. I have lead creative teams but have not ever done so as a business or at least I haven’t treated my creative endeavors as a business. Maybe that is why they haven’t done as well in the past. My startup advisor Dmitry (I’ll introduce him later), asked me if I was ready. And I took the time to think about it and still don’t know if I am, but I do want to see this idea through. I realized that to be ready, what it really means is are you ready to experience, process and be proactive in bringing an idea into fruition. There is no fixed or steady ready. And I am learning this just as I am in the beginning stages of creating yaHerd.com

Like some of you I have taken courses, read my fare share of books and blogs and attended the occasional (online) conference. I do want “it”, but what is “it”. This is one of many questions I have asked myself to get at the root of whatever fears I was holding on to that could potentially hold me back. What is “it”?

I will start at the beginning. I have always been a wanna-trepreneur. I have started, stopped or dropped a number of businesses. Mainly because I hadn’t learned how to delegate, build a dependable team and seek out opportunities and guidance. I am a do it yourself person, a self-motivator, a control freak but then often I complain how alone I feel. I wasn’t raised in a household where finances (other than survival) were prioritized. I break out in hives when tax time comes, I have in the past demonstrated poor organizational skills and an aversion to paperwork. But be damned if I didn’t have brilliant ideas. That is what matters, right? Ideas and passion is what essentially makes a good business? Psst, what an idiot I’ve been. Ideas and passion or rather innovation is nothing without action, sacrifice and remaining present. What it looks like is nothing close to what one can imagine. It is actually more comforting, I’ve found to be in it than to dream it. I’m saying this to those of you that are willing to honor that you are scared of what the true span of your abilities may avail.   Will I let myself down again, will I be a good leader, will I see this shit through?

So these yaHerd entries are for my brilliant artists who want a clue to what it is to see something through. I will chronicle my life as an entrepreneur and founder of yaHerd, a mobile site that makes it easy for the audience to “follow” an artist at a live event across their social media profile. More later…