Have yaHerd… Through the wire


Sometimes you need a prize to keep your mind on what it is reading, writing and learning to obtain your dreams. The Zahn Competition came around the bend again and I had learned so much since last we met. Meanwhile I was meeting with Dmitry via skype and phone while touring overseas. We kept going over the quagmire of wireframes. “No more than 3-4 pages”, he stressed. The service should be simple and account for attention span. Too many clicks and they’re gone. He also mentioned how my wireframes were delving too much into design and away from clear functionality. And with my constant flirtation with design the big ideas kept creeping up from behind. I’m an artist and wanted to think in color. But sometimes simple black lines and arial type makes it clear for everyone else, including the professional designer and developer who would later join my team . This would not be the last of my ideas about big ideas but I would learn to better focus as I struggled with my addiction to google images. I would sometimes meet with Dmitry at his office called Grind. Grind is actually a collective of offices. It was a combination of a cafe and professional offices. An hip alternative and affordable options for startups or freelancers. In that office space was Behance.net a portal to 1,000’s of designer portfolios. Dmitry suggested I start perusing Behance and another site Dribbble.com to find designers or at the very least get an idea of what is out there when it comes to designing for mobile devices.

Through Behance, I found Alina Kotova, a young designer based out of Dubai (of all places). The team was taking shape. But to compete in the Zahn competition I was still one CCNY student short. All of the student programmers were on other teams. I thought then that maybe a programmer is not what I needed. Maybe I needed a business student or media student to help out with Social Media strategies.  AFter contacting all of these departments to soliciting faculty to help me search I remembered a student I befriended in my Social Media Strategies class who I contacted. Ola, heard the idea and agreed to join the team. I mention this to say that I would never have thought of these needs outside of design and development if I hadn’t been doing my fare share of reading and building at the same time. Regardless of the competition I had committed to moving forward and needed to use my time and energy efficiently. I returned home from tour for holidays and had 2 months off to make the best out of my being in town and on the ground running. Otherwise, my startup was ran remotely. I came to understand that a beta-test would be needed to even see if this was an idea worth truly pursuing.   But what would a beta-test look like? What did it involve?


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