Juggling Social Media Sites and the Music


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Estimates show that the average social user spends around 20% of their time on social media sites. How do people handle all of these different sites and the immense amount of social data that they encounter on a daily basis?

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Lions, Tigers and Bears or my! There are too many social media sites, too many choices and too little time to simultaneously promote and make music. The Future of Music 2010 research surveyed a small legion of independent artists to better understand how they make money. One question they were asked is if money was not an issue what woudl you want ot do less of. One of the top 3 answers were social media. If theyhad a choice they wouldn’t want to navigate the social pool and keep up with both the constant changes and the Jones.


This article speaks to this feeling of wanting to simplify the task of managing your social media presence. It suggests automation, which if you read my earlier post may not always be the best route. Sites liek Hootsuite are indeed helpful but in my opinion promote automation and the satifaction of feeling you are time managing your social media promotion. But the thing with social media sites is that they have different social environment. Why would someone follow you on Twitter i it is the same thing they get on facebook. Each social site needs to have its on identity and offer different things. That may sound like more work, but in the end may be less.


If you have to partition the culture of yoru band across sites thent eh less sites you have the better. In this case quality out ranks quantity. If you truly offer value on 1 or 2 social sites, with yoru website acting as homebase, than tyou will acquire and maintain the bulk of your fanbase. Remember people discover music  myriad of ways and these ways often cross referrence eachother. But the fans who actually come to the show, the active fans, they will know where to go becuase you will tell them at the show. You don’t want to tell them a long list of sites that you are on, you want to say one, maybe two and ideally just give them your website and from there link to Facebook, Twitter etc. 

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