REAL-TIME MUSIC CHARTS: One Social Media Blogger Speculates the Potential of the New Twitter Music App


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MizWalidah‘s insight:

Catherine P. Taylor of Social Media Insider speculates that Twitter’s new stand-alone music app will redefine Billboard style music charting in real-time. She thinks that Twitter will use technology from a company they acquired called We are Hunted; a little heard of music social media site that quantified what music was being discussed online. This could be interesting when thinking about how people try and find music. But I hope that Twitter’s filtering and categorizing of popular music on the web is more involved when trying to highlight popularity. Or maybe all it will reveal is nothing more than we already know by the number of Justin Beiber fans that are accounted for on Twitter. How will popularity be defined in real-time? For the purpose of discovery of new music how do prioritize our search criteria; quantitatively, qualitatively or selectively organize by taste? I don’t care that Justin Timberlake is discussed by 20 million people world wide. How is this new or useful information to someone looking for music more to the taste of Killer Mike or my own band St.Lô [shameless plus: [ ]?

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