Supreme court denies appeal of woman owing RIAA $222,000


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The seven-year copyright battle waged by Jammie Thomas-Rasset against the largest music recording companies has finally come to an end. And for Thomas-Rasset, the story ends nearly exactly where it…

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Good for Jamie Thoms-Rasset for willing to fight teh good fight. Bad for her that the mostly uninformed judicial system is still squarely on the side of the RIAA. the irony is the these same major labels who sured this native american woman of modest means for 222,000 ar now making more than that on sites like Spotify and Pandora. Though the labels were willingtosettleout of court for 3,500, the defenddant felt that sharing 24 songs onienwith friends was worth fighting her way all they tothe supreme court. Well it seems even the Supreme court has learned little from these changing times and prefer to remain on the side of strong copyright and corporate domain over the "useful arts". 


For the record: i am for limited copyrightfor the sake of both the arts, the artists and the further cultivation of culture. 

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