Sharetapes: A throw back to music in a physical form (SXSW best Vince Startup Video)


An Australian startup called Sharetapes Rick Rolled its way to fame with a Vine that Mashable and NowThisNews deemed the best for any startup at South by Southwest this year. Sharetapes is essentially a download card app that is activated using NFC Near Field Communication aka that cool feature on your Samsung when phones kiss. You upload your playlist or music to it and can share it with those phones that have NFC.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

I love that suggests the value of music found in a physical form but that is where the interest ends for me. Its more of a novelty product. It also culturally excludes bands where mixtape culture never really took off, unlike hip hop, electronic and urban music. This is the intangible playlist generation of music lovers who don’t really really relate to cassette mixtapes. Shoot I am from the mix(tape) generation and am also front my band St.Lô and still find Sharetapes a flimsy culturally lightweight  (where is my pencil to rewind the scrambled tape) knock off of another time. But again, it’s a cute novelty gift.

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