Napster may publish the code that changed everything |


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For tech historians, it would be amazing to see the strings of code that forever changed the relationship between technology and music, but Fanning needs -to mull it over. –

MizWalidah‘s insight:

“It’s crazy because the source, it’s basically been sitting in an archive somewhere. It’d be amazing to just release it,” Fanning said. He thinks about it a bit more. “Man, I’d be nervous about people seeing it, it’s such a spaghetti code.”, Fanning. (-Wired)


This exemplifies the linguistic placement of code in our historical and possibly literary archive. Like any language, it has its rules which give way to art. asks why code is not taught in US schools as is English, Math and Spanish. There is  demystification that needs to happen in our culture in order to truly compete with the world. Though I may forver be conflicted when it comes to Napster, I still want to read the code the way I want to read a good history book. It is history afterall. 




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