BandPage Helps Any Musician Get Richer By Selling One-Of-A-Kind Experiences To Top Fans


MizWalidah‘s insight:

“Along with helping artists get richer, Experiences turns BandPage into an e-commerce company that will earn a 15 percent cut of what bands earn by offering special treatment through Experiences. By definition, artists can’t sell too many of these unique opportunities. BandPage has to hope the idea of hyper-monetizing the short head rather than focusing on the long tail catches on.” – Tech Crunch

There are only so many vip seats and backstage passes artists can give out on the road. There is only but so much they can charge. Now possibly multiply that by a decent tour (if you have the support for that), it may mean extra perdiums, but real cash flow, maybe not. I firmly agree that artist should see beyond just merchandise sales, but there has to be a more profitable means to stay afloat, if not fly than selling chucks of your ass cheek.

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