Black Nerds Unite: Tees & Hoodies | and the coolest independents I know


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I know I should showcase the t-shirts but the Black Nerds Unite t-shirt is just the tip of the iceberg with this power duo. I woldl rather show you my favorite photo of them and introduce you to the work of Pierre and Jamla Bennue of Exit The Apple.


MizWalidah‘s insight:

My good friends Pete and Jamyla over at have been selling Black Nerds Unite tee shirts for years and I’ve always been meaning to buy me one. I’m buying mine today to rock at Paris Music Hack Day in April. FYI: They also have well designed shirts that say “Conversate is not a word” and “Reading is Sexy”.

Ok hold up, let me tell you something about Pierre and Jamyla Bennue, affectionately known as P+J. They are two of the more prolific and talented artists I know; and I know alot of artists. But these two are the rare kind of artist that is both multi-talented and wickedly productive within all of their areas of talent: filmmaking, animation shorts, non-raditional canvas oil painting, publishing, DJ’ing, graphic design, they have a national beauty and hair care line , they own a culture based store in B-more centered around their talent driven products and probably posses the sharpest sense of humor and love for life I’ve had the pleasure to engage with. When they lived in Brooklyn, their home was the modern day N*ggeratti Manor (look up your Harlem Rennaisance history) that played host to the best talent NYC had to offer in the 90s. All this and parents of two beautiful and lucky ass baby boys. The long and fruitful archve of their work is expressed on their blog

For your viewing pleasure, take a day and just watch their shorts, docs and features. It will be time well well spent!

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