Artists go after ‘Harlem Shake’ for unlicensed samples


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The infectiousness of the Harlem Shake meme has turned Baauer’s pounding dance track into a surprise hit, perhaps most surprising for two artists that found out their voices were on the song. The…

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Independent musicians as a group need to review and committ to a policy around sampling. Current copyright law, as I see it, doesn’t support the furtherance of the useful arts. Some independent artists still believe strongly in corporate sponsored copyright law, as if it serves them or society to have exclusive rights 70 years past their death. But as someone born and raised in New York during hip hop’s golden age of sampling I testify that culture and music is best served accessible to all. Some limitations yes, but penny pinching over a de minimus use of your voice, uhm nah!

FYI: The Harlem Shake meme sucks, just incase you thought I felt otherwise.



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