The Hub: Sell Music and Merch to Your Fans While on Stage


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Sell your music to your fans as they are dancing to it.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Available March 8th The Hub app at is an ecommerce music merch startup featuring a mobile app that will be available in beta on March 8th. Bands can use the app to manage their merch inventory and create an ecommerce store for both web and mobile sales. However the most interesting aspect is the ability to offer fans the option of buying merch at a live show using the app which can then be picked up at the show via an expedited process or delivered to a physical address. (

No more long lines for fans waiting to get merch or you missing out on sales because you took too long to dry off after a show or brought to few product.  They can now buy your stuff the moment they would sell you their first born. But if you don’t wanna stop the show for the monetary bottomline, then combine this app with InstaRadio app (check the articles below this one)  and send a personal broadcast to your fans anytime before or after "a particular" show to buy your stuff. A tool is just a tool less you build something with it. 

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