The 360 Deal – the music industry’s newest scary monster | Echoes – Insight for Independent Artists


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A record company wants new revenue streams. The music industry has the 360 deal as the new record deal, as music labels try to make more money.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

360 Deals makes the artist think about all the ways in which money can be squuezed out of his/her talent. For some time, we, the artists, understood our talents are not limited to just music. But are we willing to sacrifice all that we are to get a deal? 360 Deals are becoming common place with both labels and publishers. These talentless hoovers are in the business of sucking the surround sound out of your own multi-talented boom with promises of support in arenas where most labels are unfamiliar. So this leaves us to question how a 360 deal will affect your incentive to produce art period? 


The industrial walls are closing in and the elevator is stuck somewhere between the penthouse and the basement. How shall we proceed? One answer is what Jay-Z once rhymed, "I came to a crossroad and went straight!" If the music industry is aware of the milead of ways money can be made then we, the artists, should be as well. We may find that we, THE ARTISTS, are in obvious closer proximity to other cultural commodities that stem from our own talent. Some say, think like a label, I say think as if you are your own industry and how would you behave towards yourself and your community. This also hints to the possibility that the industry is reconfigurating itself at whim and taking cues from YOUR community of fans. Yep, remember them folks? There is an opportunity here to reconfigure some things on our own, redefine industry, benefits bnot just us, not just the bottom ine, but music consciousness itself; that is if you want more than just a deal.

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