Majors will buy more indies, predicts Warner Music CEO


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But WMG won’t buy just to increase market share, promises Cooper

MizWalidah‘s insight:

"…it is more probable that the majors will end up acquiring independents here and there, as opposed to consolidation among independents themselves." Stephen Cooper, Warner Bros. 


This quote from Cooper is what raised my eyebrows. We have been focused on the consolidation of majors and the consumption of independents that there has been little focus or support of the consolidation of independents. Why wouldn’t more independents ban together to meet their economic needs. Maybe it is the independent mindset or ego, or possibly plain old fear. Most people start independents to elevate a voice in music that doesn’t exist or to follow their own distinct passions. But most independents also claim passion as pay. It is a labor of love, unfortunately. Fine, now what? Now what, that your labor possibly does have a price tag as big industry dries up what little market independents have left. 

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