Google’s Artists Hub To Help Independent Artists sell Music with 70/30 Split


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Today, Google has announced “Artists Hub”, a self service feature for Google Music, which will allow independent musicians to sell their own music.

Artists keep 70% of the revenue, and there’s no per album or annual upload fees.

The service lets independent artists come into the service and easily upload information about the band, along with single tracks or entire albums complete with artwork.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

The Skinny:


70/30 split You


Direct link from youtube videos (hint: not just your videos, organize your friends to promote you through there nonrelated or partially related rants online)


Direct listen/link from google plus


One-time fee $25


When people search your name, guess what pops up. One click less to yoru site, if that’s what you want.


*Not a bad deal. Straight forward and intergrated into the big girl of all search engines. But its still pretty much no different than what is already out there. So you have to ask yourself who and by what means do you prioritize your distribution?


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