Google said to be working on streaming music service


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This is pretty interesting. Hot on the heels of rumors that Apple is looking to get into the streaming music space, a new report popped up late last night.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Google is rumored to be getting on the Spotify bandwagon with a streaming service of their own. Music, music everywhere and not an artist to spare, I say. Since google is negotiating with labels they most-likely will follow the Spotify royalty model to the cent, again excluding the financial needs of the artist. Big Red Labels (from the movie "Five Heartbeats") are being replaced by Big Green streaming subscription services. Some of us weeped when the tangible object faded into intangible 0s and 1s.  Now we ask, why bother to own anything, as long as you have unlimited access. The virtual and centralized crate of culture. I struggle where the debate lies. Maybe owning music period was the beginning of the end when Edison put sound to wax? But at some point the disenchanted artist may loose all economic incentive to produce new cutting edge music. And if there is no new music to inform the Big Reds and Greens then we just may eat our culture alive and foolishly lick our lips in the process.

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