Call for interviews of independent artists who live in a Spotified world


See on Scoop.itRule 4081

MizWalidah‘s insight:

Here at Rule 4081 we are in the process of developing new technology that allows its user to discover and share music that you can physically hold in your hand. As an artist (lead singer/song-writer for electro soul band St.Lô) my passions lie in the tangibility of music culture, the gift economy, artist/fan relationships and concrete online solutions for INDEPENDENT artists.


The debate continues on the growing intangibility of music or the movement towards access (Spotify) as oppose to ownership (sales). Though I can argue the problems of ownership as well, I more so understand and appreciate the financial needs of my fellow artist and her/his relationship with their fanbase.


Every good product needs to be researched. And that means getting out of the building and from behind my computer and meeting face to face with some of you to discuss your experiences as a working musician, your needs and reactions to my product idea.Whether you are seasoned or not, engaging with your fanbase or maybe not so much, understand the business or a little bit, I would like to speak to you. 


If you or someone you know would be interested please have them contact me at I can also conduct interviews via skype and phone if you don’t live in NYC.


You can also tweet me @ or visit my blog for regularly updated information about the industry that affects you.  RULE4081 Blog @




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