Amanda Palmer On The True Nature Of Connecting With Fans: It’s About Trust


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There’s been so much talk about Amanda Palmer’s TED talk this week, that the folks at TED rushed to get the video edited and up on the site within days, rather than the customary months.

MizWalidah‘s insight:

This is probably one of the more important TED talks for artists and those who love their music. Money is made when you fall into the crowd says Amanda Palmer, using crowd and couch surfing as an analogy. When artists complain about fans not paying for music, maybe what we should ask is what would they pay for and why? Would they pay for community? Is it the physical or intangible mp3 that holds value or the community created around both the music and the band. I and I’m sure others have examined this philosopy for some time. Now how do we invision a business plan that has little to do with what we know as the music business. 

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